Activities on Koh Chang

There are plenty of things to do and activities on Koh Chang, whether you’re hoping to spend hours just lazing on one of the many beautiful beaches, get adventurous and tour the island on an ATV, discover the amazing underwater world, or learn more about the Thai culture through their food.

Many of the activities on Koh Chang are suitable for the whole family and can often be tailor made to suit your needs and expectations. During your trip to Koh Chang, it’s possible to take part in a whole range of activities on Koh Chang from spending an afternoon at one of the best spas on the island, to trying your hand at scuba diving or kite boarding.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling 

The underwater beauty that surrounds Koh Chang provides the perfect playground for scuba diving and snorkelling and has to be top of our recommended things to do list. Home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs and marine life, divers and snorkelers alike flock to the waters to discover the stunning underwater ecosystem. The most popular spot for snorkelling is not on Koh Chang itself, it’s a small cluster of islands around Koh Ran, which is just south of Koh Chang. It is a largely uninhabited island, apart from the National Park Office, which has amazing reefs and marine life. The small islands are no more than rocky outcrops that rise up from the seabed. However, they are home to a huge amount of sea life. Whilst the variety of fish and visibility can’t be compared to places such as the Maldives or the Red Sea, snorkelling here is definitely one of the top activities on Koh Chang.

When it comes to scuba diving, there are options for everyone, even if you are an inexperienced diver. Whether you are a complete beginner or a certified diving instructor there are daily trips to various well known dive sites, including wrecks, which depart from Koh Chang. Popular sites such as the Thonburi Wreck, Hin Luk Bat, Hin Rap and Koh Rang all offer fantastic diving opportunities where you’ll see plenty of schooling fish and colourful living corals. Koh Wai, another site south of Koh Chang, is known to be the most likely location to see Reef Sharks basking in the seabed, as well as Leopard Sharks and even possibly rays.

Learn to cook Thai style

If being too active is not your idea of fun and you prefer things to take a slightly slower pace, then how about learning a little more about the Thai culture and enrol on a cookery class. Don’t rule it out guys, cooking classes are not just for girls you know – they can be great fun. It’s also an awesome way to meet fellow travellers whilst learning about ingredients that are used in local Thai dishes, such as a Pad Thai, curry or stir fry. Tasting all the different spices and sauces will awaken your taste buds without a doubt. After all, you’ve come to Koh Chang to experience the Thai way of living, so why not go the whole hog.

The classes are not for experienced chefs, they are simply an introduction to Thai cooking and require little to no experience in that department. Best of all, once you have cooked all your tasty, authentic dishes you can sit down together and eat everything you have cooked. Plus you get to take away the knowledge and recipes which you have gained from the class and can practise them again back home.

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