Cooking Classes

Cooking Schools

Spend a day at one of our Koh Chang Cooking Schools. There are various schools across the island who can teach you the secrets to excellent Thai style cooking.

Food plays a huge part in the day to day lives of Thai people. Often families will all come together for at least one meal a day; they see it as a way of bringing the members of the family together. Each member of the family plays a role in preparing the meal. There are lots of Koh Chang Cooking Schools who can teach you the basics to Thai style cooking. You are often given the opportunity to choose what traditional Thai dishes you would like to learn to cook. A well experienced Thai chef wil the talk you through the recipe step by step, both the practical and some theory.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best cook in the world – you don’t need amazing skills to make a delicious, healthy Thai dish. You just need to understand the basic principles of their flavours and ingredients, which is all explained to you by the chef on the day.

During a typical class at any Koh Chang Cooking Schools, you’ll get to choose between 3-5 dishes that you would like to prepare, cook and eat. Depending whether you opt for a half or full day course will depend on how many dishes you get to prepare. A cooking class is always run by an experienced chef who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understand local ingredients and how to make the most of their flavours. They’ll explain what ingredients and spices are key to many of the dishes, take you through a step by step process to cook the dishes, and then at the end you’ll get to sit down with all the other students to enjoy the food you’ve cooked.

You may be able to take notes and photos throughout the class, or you may receive some printed information afterwards, so you don’t forget how to repeat the process when you go back home. Classes are generally geared towards adults only and the groups are small, often between 4-6 people in a single class. The recipes can be adjusted according to your religion, allergy and for vegetarians, simply ask when booking a class.

The average cost is 1,500 THB per person. Check when booking whether the price includes transfer to/from your accommodation  to the school. More often than not you will need to make your own way to the school, but it’s worth checking.

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