Here’s a little tip about how to keep your bananas fresh.

If like me you enjoy eating healthily and sampling the local produce whilst on holiday, you’re likely to buy some bananas at some point. There are so many banana trees on Koh Chang. Everywhere you look you will see plants. It’s not surprise, therefore, that they are one of the most popular fruits sold on the island.

Bananas can be enjoyed for breakfast with your yoghurt, cereal or toast. They’re perfect for a late morning or afternoon snack, especially for those on the go. They are packed with goodness, vitamins and pick them at the right time and they taste divine. Perhaps you are in the habit of buying a bunch for the week (the greenest bunch you can find so they last) and plan to eat them over the following few days. But then, mid way through the week you wake up to brown, soft, mushy bananas that look like they would just about pass the grade for banana bread!

Annoyed that you’ve wasted money on fruit that you can’t eat. Upset that you can’t start the day with your favourite breakfast, you have to settle for boring toast instead. But, there is another way. A way to keep your bananas fresh. A way that requires nothing more than what is already likely to be in your kitchen.

How to keep your bananas fresh

To keep your bananas fresh simply wrap some some plastic wrap/cling film tightly around the stems. If you remove a banana from the bunch, dispose of the old wrap and place a new piece over the remaining stems. You can also break each banana off and wrap the stems individually if you prefer.

This method prevents ethylene gas, produced naturally in the ripening process, from reaching other parts of the fruit and prematurely ripening it. Although not always 100% reliable, it’s certain worth trying yourself at home and at least attempting to slow down the ripening process.

Enjoy your perfectly ripened bananas through the week as you wish.

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