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Trekking & Wildlife

With such a large amount of the island’s land mass covered with dense jungle, it’s not surprising that trekking Koh Chang and bird watching has become such a popular activity in the last couple of years.

There are now more options than ever when it comes to trekking Koh Chang and exploring the wildlife. Guided tours are strongly advised if you would like to explore deep into the thick untouched jungle. With very little signs offering directions, heading out without a local expert could end you up in big problems. Trekking Koh Chang is best done with a local expert who knows the island well and can plan a tour that suits your fitness level and physical abilities.

Book a full or half day tour trekking Koh Chang and you’ll have the opportunity to explore deep into the jungle. You’ll visit places such as Klong Son, Klong Prao, Kai Bae and could even plan a hike across the island from Klong Plu Waterfall to Than Mayom Waterfall  if you are feeling particularly fit. You could also hike the two tallest peaks on the island; Salak Phet (744m) to the east and Khao Jom Prasat (630m) which overlooks the west coast. Many of the island tour guides have a great enthusiasm for the ecosystem and hold masses of knowledge about the jungle, the species of birds and the area in general.

The paths may be walked frequently by the guides, but the fauna and flora, although beautiful are certainly still very much wild. You should expect the majority of the hiking trails to be hard going, with many steep inclines and unruly bushes and vegetation. You may also have to make some water crossings on-route too. Generally, only the half day tours are ideal for young children and the more senior visitors.

Most tours will include food, drink, insect repellent, transfers from your accommodation and snacks. It’s essential that you wear the correct footwear (we suggest good walking boots) and clothing which is not bright. To be in with a chance of spotting the wildlife in the jungle you need to be as camouflaged as possible. Taking additional drinking water is advisable and of course, don’t forget your camera; there are some wonderful waterfalls and viewpoints along some of the trails. You may like to take your swim wear too so you can enjoy a refreshing dip in one of the pools after. Guided walking tours range from 600 THB per person (half day) to 1,500 THB per person (full day).

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