Koh Chang Ferries

Getting to Koh Chang will always involve a ferry journey. Being an island with no airport, there is no way you can avoid a short ferry crossing in order to reach your destination. Fortunately, getting to Koh Chang is also quick and easy. Most of the Koh Chang ferries operate from Laem Ngop, which has three piers . The Laem Ngop (Tha Khrom Luang or Tha Laern Ngop) pier is approximately 700 metres west of Laem Ngop. The Centrepoint (Tha Centre Point) pier is located about 3.5 km north-west of Laem Ngop. These piers serve both vehicle and passenger ferries. Koh Chang vehicle ferry pier is located in Thammachat Bay (Ao Thammachat), around 15 km west of Laem Ngop.

All piers on Koh Chang are situated on the eastern side of the island. The major piers are the two Dan Kao piers, Tha Dan Kao and Tha Ferry Dan Kao, which handle the majority of the daily traffic. To take a boat from Laem Ngop to Dan Kao pier take around 45 minutes. The car ferry from Laem Ngop take around 1 hour and arrives at the Tha Ferry Dan Kao pier, situated 400 metres southeast of the Tha Dan Kao pier.

The various different car, bus and minivan companies use different piers when dropping off their customers. For most visiting the island, it doesn’t concern them too much where they get dropped off as long as it is at a pier where they can catch a connecting ferry to the island. Once you are on the other side, there are lots of options available for getting around Koh Chang.

The ferry service is very frequent so you shouldn’t ever need to wait longer than 1 hour before the next service arrives. Services from all piers start at approx 06.00 hrs every day and continue until 19.30 hrs. Ferry tickets can be purchased at the piers and cost approx 200-300 baht per person. It normally works out a lot cheaper if you buy a joint travel ticket in advance, plus if you happen to be running late you don’t have to worry about reaching the ticket office at the pier before it closes.

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