Koh Chang Weather

Understanding Koh Chang weather and the seasons in Thailand.

Koh Chang island is an all year round holiday destination, which is accessible 365 days a year. Koh Chang weather is glorious nearly every day. However, it’s a good idea to gain a general understanding of the different seasons and weather patterns in Thailand before booking your trip. Some months can be a lot hotter than others and a substantial amount of rain can fall during certain months, which could affect your holiday plans.

Low (Rainy) Season: June to November

Although hot all year round the rainy season unlike other parts of Thailand can be quite torrential. As well as being very wet accommodation becomes scarce at this time so be sure to plan your trip to meet your requirements from the island. There are benefits to visiting Koh Chang in rainy season. Heavily discounted accommodation and the advantage of having beautiful white sanded beaches to yourself make visiting in rainy season an attractive proposition.

High (Hot) Season: April to May

If you like your holidays “scorchio” hot then this is the time to visit. Temperatures range between highs of 33 and 35 degrees between March and April. The unbearably hot temperatures do deter some people from coming to Koh Chang around the hot season so you benefit from warm climates without the crowds of peak season.

Peak (Dry) Season: December to March

Be sure to reserve your accommodation prior to arrival especially at weekends or national holidays as tourists and locals flood the beautiful shores of Koh Chang. December is the driest month on Koh Chang with hot rainless days the norm. For those choosing to visit around the festive period we’re confident that you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities without the worry of any rain ruining your holiday. Daily temperatures rarely drop below 30 degrees during peak season.