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Scuba Diving Koh Chang

Scuba Diving within the Koh Chang archipelago offers both new and experienced divers the opportunity to combine a great beach holiday in Thailand with an underwater adventure. It’s not possible to dive from the beaches so all Koh Chang diving centres arrange for their customers to join them on the dive boats instead. There are about 35 fantastic scuba diving sites surrounding Koh Chang. Some sites are suited more to novice divers and others are ideal for advanced divers. Sea depths range from 5 metres to 43 metres.

The most popular dive sites sit to the south of the island, around Koh Rang. These environments are best suited for Koh Chang scuba diving centres when instructors are teaching or guiding divers. The weather conditions in Thailand, especially Koh Chang are ideal for learning to dive if you are a beginner. The sea can be almost aquarium-like. Being an under-developed island, Koh Chang has managed to save it’s beautiful reefs and marine life, which has almost been untouched by human hands, making it one of the top 5 places to dive in Thailand. The reefs have an abundance of Cnidarians, Leather Corals, Tree Soft Corals, Spiny Gorgonians and Gorgonian Fan Corals.

The rocky pinnacles and small islands around Koh Rang offer what most consider to be the best diving in the area. Different Koh Chang scuba diving centres prefer different dive sites, therefore prior to signing up for a dive make sure you check where you’ll be going. Your chosen dive school will be able to give you details of the types of fish & marine life that have been recently seen at various dive sites.

A variety of fish species visit the reefs at different times during the high season, which include Reef Sharks, Leatherback Turtles, Triggerfish, Great Barracudas, Clown Fish, Porpoise, a subspecies of the dolphin, Batfish, Angelfish, Fusiliers, Cardinal Fish, Groupers, Lionfish and Surgeonfish. If we are lucky enough, we have sightings of the Whale Shark around April/May.

Koh Chang wreck diving is now world class and now has it’s very own purpose sunk wreck for diving. The US Warship HTMS Chang is sitting in 30 metres of water, about 10 km off Bang Bao village on Koh Chang. The wreck is 100 meters long and 15 meters high. The American ship built during World War II and assigned to the Thai Navy in 1961, was intentionally sunk on 22 November.

Scuba Diving Trips & Courses

All Koh Chang scuba diving centres offer similar day trips and courses, although they can vary a little in price and dive location. If you are looking to try diving for the first time but don’t have time to complete the full PADI course, you can complete a Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) instead. This 1 day boat trip will include the transfer to/from your accommodation anywhere on the island, soft drinks during the day, lunch, fruit and all scuba diving equipment. You will be taught by an instructor and will get to dive a couple of times during the day to a maximum of 12 metres. Prices start from approx. 2,900 THB per person for 2 boat dives.

Should you choose to enrol on a course, such as a PADI Open Water Course, you will head out on the dive boat twice, completing a total of 4 dives over the 3 day course (and get the same as mentioned above). The most common scuba diving trips and courses are the Discover Scuba Dive 1 day boat trip (ideal for beginners limited on time) and the 3 day Open Water Course. All Koh Chang dive centres offer a number of other courses for those more experienced and looking to further their knowledge.

Dive centres will collect you for free from anywhere on the island, prior to your dive trip. Book your accommodation and stay anywhere on Koh Chang without it costing you any more money.

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